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Take it on as a DIY Project

Who can provide you with all the tools to tackle your own project? Totalspan Can!

What’s involved with building your own shed?

Building your own shed or garage is no easy feat! But if you’ve got the know-how and the right tools then it could definitely be the right project for you!

Smaller Sheds

Assembling smaller sheds is not that complex of a task. It does take patience, but we will provide you with an erection manual, and if you have some experience with do-it-yourself building projects and have a partner-in-crime to help you out, then you could finish the project in just a couple of days (or just a day if you’re a skilled professional).

Larger Steel Buildings

Looking at a larger steel building? Then we recommend you have some experience in building larger structures, and you will definitely need to have someone with similar skills to help you building your shed.

Project Managing your Shed Project

This is a favourite among many of our customers. Why? Because they have the freedom to outsource the work to whom they want, when they want. On top of all this, they can source additional products (windows, shelving gyprock etc) themselves without having to pay builders margin.

Project managing the build of your new steel building project does take time, patience and a whole lot of organisation, but can also be hugely rewarding and save you thousands. Get a quote online or call 1300 15 15 25.