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ShedSafe Accreditation

ShedSafe Accreditation

If you want ShedSafe, then buy with Totalspan!

Totalspan’s buildings aren’t just strong, they are engineered to keep you, your people and your assets safe. Our engineering complies with ShedSafe, which is an accreditation scheme that oversees the Australian steel building industry.

Most importantly, ShedSafe is an Australian industry body managed by the Australian Steel Institute who assesses shed companies and their engineering to ensure specific design criteria is met, and to ensure your building is safe for the environment it is to be built.

The Inception of ShedSafe

In the past decade, Australia has been hit with extreme weather events. So extreme, that we have seen mass destruction of buildings throughout the country. As a result, the Australian Steel Institute decided drastic action needed to happen. ShedSafe was designed to monitor and assess the steel buildings being supplied to Australian consumers, and ensuring they complied with the strict rules and regulations set out by the Building Codes of Australia.

Buying Totalspan and ShedSafe, is your guarantee that:

  • Australia’s peak industry body has reviewed, assessed and approved Totalspan as a reputable shed manufacturer.

What this means is that our designs and engineering, have been thoroughly reviewed by a third-party engineer (independent of Totalspan), to assess our buildings, engineering and design criteria are of a particularly high standard. Only once this has been assessed and approved, can a company claim to be ShedSafe Accredited.

  • Acknowledgement of Compliance

Once approved, Totalspan signed a legal document confirming that all of our designs would adhere to the Australian Steel Institute Design Guide Portal Frame Sheds and Garages (2009).

  • Site Specific Engineering

For the highest in structural integrity, your steel buildings need to be designed specifically for the site it is to be built and for how you intend to use your building. That’s why your Totalspan shed specialist will ask many questions, so that we can provide you with a building that is strong and more likely to withstand environment for which it is intended.

  • Wind Loads and Engineering

Totalspan uses a Windspeed calculator to assess the correct wind loads for your site. Once this has been determined, then we can apply the appropriate engineering for structural integrity.

Destruction of your steel building will not only be costly financially, but it can also be fatal. You are NOT just buying a shed, you are building a large structure that if designed and built wrong, can be an extremely dangerous threat.

Not all shed manufacturers are ShedSafe accredited. Not all sheds are engineered for safety and structural integrity. For more details, visit ShedSafe.

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