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Steel Buildings for your Agricultural Properties

Who can provide the buildings that help Australian farm businesses grow? Totalspan Can!

Buildings for Agricultural Businesses

Our team has been designing farm buildings for the agricultural sector for over 40 years. We’ve worked with many Australian farmers and helped them invest in buildings that will help them grow their farm businesses. Our buildings are engineered specifically for your rural property, ensuring it is safe and secure. Additionally, our designs are robust and durable and made from Australian standard steel.

Types of Rural Buildings

Farmers are the backbone of the Australian economy! That’s why we put such a strong focus on continuously developing our agricultural range of sheds. Whether you are looking for smaller workshops, to larger open front farm sheds, machinery sheds, barns, stables or arenas – we can design a rural building that suits your needs.

For a hard-working, great looking farm shed that gives you all the space you need for your farm's operations, Totalspan’s range of agricultural building kits can be customised to any use, and any environment. Get a quote online or call 1300 15 15 25.